Blues say they're much more prepared for Kings this year -

Blues say they're much more prepared for Kings this year

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller
LOS ANGELES - In case you couldn't tell by the fact the Blues got off to a 2-0 series lead (currently 2-1) over the Kings, things are just a little bit different for them this year compared to last year.  
In the 2012 playoffs, the Blues were swept by the Kings in the second round.  This year, the series has been much more even.
"I think we've got more guys engaged.  Last year we had a bunch of guys banged up and we really just got pushed out because of the physical play," TJ Oshie said.  "This year everyone's engaged.  Everyone's ready to go.  When they're getting their pushes and they're getting hits on us we're coming right back and hitting them back."
"Definitely different this year," Andy McDonald said.  "I think last year we weren't prepared for them.  They took it to us early.  They jumped on us and won a lot of those battles.  They took it to us physically and obviously beat us four in a row.  This year there's no real surprise for us.  We knew what type of team they were going to be and how hard they were going to play so we were prepared."
Multiple players have said this is the most physical series they've played in a long time.  In fact, GM Doug Armstrong called the Blues and Kings "mirror images" of each other.  So it should be no surprise that's the case.

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