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Water buildup on I-44 posing threat to drivers

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(KMOV.com) --A News 4 viewer contacted the newsroom about cars hydroplaning on Interstate 44 in the Fenton area.

The problem can be seen on either side of I-44 near Bowles Avenue. Water on the inside lane isn’t draining quickly enough.

Drivers say it happens every time it rains in high volume.

“It pools to the point where inexperienced drivers or even an experienced driver can hydroplane and potentially wreck,” said Mark Mannion of Eureka. “That’s what I experienced this morning.”

MoDOT says there is a solution, but it is postponed because of funding issues. Officials say the plan is to enhance the drainage through one of two options. They will either re-surface the inside lane to bring it higher than the drain. Or re-profile a nearby median, creating a steeper slope to get the water to the drain.

“Right now, they’re even,” said engineer Tom Evers. “If we lower it, the inside shoulder, then that water will be able to get on that  shoulder and eventually to the drain.”

But there’s a wait of about two years due to funding issues. MoDOT says the plan to fix the pooling has been funded with a target date of 2015. 

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