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Police: Houston airport gunman left suicide note saying he had 'monster within'

HOUSTON -- Carnell Marcus Moore, the man who walked into Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport and fired two shots before taking his own life with a pistol, carried a loaded rifle with him in his suitcase, Houston police said Friday.

At a morning press conference, the Houston Police Department released more details surrounding Thursday’s shooting in Terminal B.

HPD said Moore’s strange actions started on Tuesday outside an apartment complex in Beaumont. It was there he tried to kidnap a co-worker he was infatuated with. The woman later told investigators Moore tried to force her to drive him to Houston, but she apparently did not report the incident to police.

Moore eventually drove himself to Houston in his Chevrolet pickup truck. He checked into the Hotel Derek Tuesday in the Galleria area.

On Wednesday, Moore posted two cryptic messages on his Facebook wall: "This Life Will Crash Tomorrow!" and "I recently had the chance of staring death in the face, and she was beautiful."

Moore used the hotel's stationary to write a suicide note that said: "Here in the last hour, I yield to mercy when this could have turned bad. Jehovah found a path to my heart, that love would conquer anger. The monster within me was getting stronger and while I could not save myself I could spare others. Peace is within sight. I ask that authorities handle my disposal -Carnell Marcus Moore."

Shortly after noon on Thursday, Moore packed a suitcase with a Bible from the hotel, his AR-15 rifle and the suicide note. He drove to the airport where he parked in a Bush Airport waiting lot.

Police said around 1:30 p.m., Moore drove to Terminal B, where he left his truck outside and walked into the terminal with a suitcase. The shooter sat on a bench near a ticketing area and a Starbucks before getting up and firing three shots.

HPD confirmed all three shots were fired with a Glock pistol: the first two hit the terminal’s ceiling; he fired the third shot at his head, taking his own life. A Homeland Security agent shot the suspect at the same time, hitting him in the shoulder.

In a review of Moore’s activities leading up to the shooting, investigators found that Moore never breached airport security.

Family members told investigators that Moore, who went by his middle name Marcus, never had a history of mental health issues.  The family also told police Moore was a “private person” and very “secretive.”

According to HPD Homicide investigator Fil Waters, family members told police Moore had previously expressed a desire to “confront a police officer while armed.”

Investigators said they were looking to see how Moore obtained his weapons. They said packaging for the guns, which were purchased in 2012, was found at his home in Beaumont.

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