Registered sex offender exploits loophole after moving to St. Lo -

Registered sex offender exploits loophole after moving to St. Louis from Illinois

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A loophole was discovered this week when a registered sex offender was arrested in St. Louis on child pornography charges, but was nowhere to be found on Missouri’s offender list.

Shawn Ingram, 37, was taken into custody this week on sexual assault and child pornography charges. But his neighbors had no idea he was a registered sex offender because he was not on the Missouri’s offender list.

Ingram lived in Caseyville, Illinois, and is on Illinois’ offender list. He filed the proper paperwork with police to notify them he was moving and registered with St. Louis police, but Missouri’s sex offender website does not list him.

When asked about the Ingram case, police admitted there is a loophole some sex offenders use. When a sex offender moves, they are supposed to immediately register with police in their new city.

But the responsibility is all on them.

Police said it can lead to some problems.

“Sometimes we’ll notify the police department where they’re moving, but not always. An frankly, some sex offenders fall through the cracks,” said Caseyville Police Officer Steve Epps.

St. Clair and Madison county sheriff’s departments have started double-checking whether an offender registered in their new city and have been issuing arrest warrants if they did not.

But many police departments do not double check and some sex offenders take advantage of the loophole.

As for Ingram, the Missouri Highway Patrol continues to investigate his absence from the Missouri Sex Offender Registry.

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