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Raw: Surveillance video shows bizarre, deadly confrontation at gas station

HOUSTON—Harris County Sheriff’s deputies are trying to sort out the details of a bizarre confrontation that left one man dead in northwest Harris County early Friday.

Two men and two women told investigators they were at a Valero gas station in the 2400 block of W. FM 1960 at Kuykendahl around 2: 15 a.m. when another man approached their vehicle.
The group said the man --  who none of them had ever seen before—called one of the women a prostitute, punched her, then ran off.
The man returned a few minutes later and threw a rock through their car window and punched the woman again.
That is when the two men said they tackled the suspect and held him down on the ground, but as they were waiting on cops to arrive, the man died.
Surveillance video released later that afternoon gave a few more details of what appears to have unfolded.
It appears the group was parked at a gas pump when another vehicle drove up. The man in question parked at the next pump and got out of his car.
One of the women walked near the man, gesturing, as he began to talk to the other men she was with. Things got a little heated and punches were thrown. While the men were struggling, video shows the woman circling, appearing to try and join in the fight.
The man then hopped into his car, while one of the group members kicked the back of his car and banged on the hood as he drove away.
Surveillance video showed the man did return a few minutes later, hurled a rock at the group’s car and took off running with the two men chasing behind him. 
They all ran out of range of the cameras but, in the end, the victim died.
His cause of death is under investigation.

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