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Local homeowner upset after part of attic installed upside down

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A local homeowner is upset after a part of his house in south St. Louis was built upside down.

James Tabron says he and his family love their home on McCree. But Tabron is sick of the water damage on the ceiling in his daughter’s bedroom.

When he noticed the stains a year ago, he thought it was because of storm damage. So he called his insurance company.

“The insurance company sent out a roofer. The roofer said there’s nothing wrong with the roof. But this vent here is in upside down, it’s catching water.

It turns out the attic vent was installed upside down. The louvers are supposed to be facing down. But Trabron’s was facing up, allowing water to come inside the house.

Naturally, Tabron called the builder, who made him them they’d have somebody call right away.

“They didn’t. I let some time go by and I’ve been calling again and they never call back,” Tabron said.

Considered he’d paid over $200,000 for the house, it was not the response he was hoping for.

News 4 contacted the builder, and now the issue is being taken care of. A work crew came out and reinstalled the vents the right away. The builder said he’s also going to take a look at the ceiling, too.

According to the builder, the whole incident was a misunderstanding. They say they asked Tabron to send them a picture of the vent since the home was six years out of warranty.

Tabron says he never got that message.


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