Angels fans showing patience during Pujols' slump -

Angels fans showing patience during Pujols' slump

(News 4 Sports) -- When people ask me what the city of St. Louis feels about a certain topic in sports I have always felt weird answering that question.  How can one person know what every single individual thinks and then be able to say "well, 63% of St. Louis says this while 21% says this and the remaining 16% doesn't care."
It's very hard to answer such a vague question.
So when I went to Anaheim to ask people what their city thinks of Albert Pujols and his slow start so far I went in with a weird feeling.
But after talking to several fans and getting the SAME response from all of them...that's about as good as you're going to do when it comes to finding out what a city thinks.  Sure, there are exceptions to everything.  If you talk to 100 people you'll find 1 or 2 who completely disagree with the majority.
I do, however, feel very comfortable in saying the city of Anaheim is not even close to angry with Albert Pujols right now.  He's off to a historically bad start yet the fans are showing remarkable patience.  They all told me they know how good of a hitter he is.  They've seen it on TV for the last 11 years.  And they know he's going to break out at some point.
But the only thing they can't say?  When that will happen.

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