Silhouette Wall Art -

Silhouette Wall Art

Wooden plaque
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Black Card Stock
Decorative paper
Print out of side profile picture

1.Take a side profile picture of your subject, be it person or animal.  (You can also experiment with using pictures of your house, your favorite dress, or other shapes!!)

2.Print the picture on your computer making sure the size coordinates with the size of your plaque.

3.Cut out the shape making sure to leave the cute little details that make it special.  For example, leave wispies if the hair is in a pony tail or the whiskers of a cat.

4.Trace and cut out your profile picture onto black card stock to create the silhouette look.

5.Cut your decorative paper to the size of your wooden plaque.

6.Apply mod podge to the back of the paper and place onto the plaque.

7.Apply mod podge to the back of the silhouette and place onto the plaque, which now has the decorative paper on it.

8.Apply a few coats of mod podge over the top of the entire finished plaque, making sure to let dry between coats.

** You can also use a decorative paper for the silhouette and solid black for the background!
** Use thumb tacks to attach ribbon or string for hanging, or just sit on a shelf!

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