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Woman sentenced for role in ATM Solutions heist

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Latunya Wright, 37, has been sentenced to 51 months involving her purchase of a Hummer to drive and hide stolen ATM Solutions money in a locker. 
According to court documents, within minutes of the robbery of ATM Solutions in August of 2010, the four armed robbers drove a stolen ATM van to Wright’s residence with the stolen $6.4 million dollars.  That night, at the request of one of the robbers, Wright took a large portion of the stolen money to a storage locker in north county.  Later she had associates remove most of the money from the storage locker and conceal it in another location.  
About a week later, Candi Goodson went to the home of Cathy Goodson with Latunya Wright in a truck containing some of that stolen money.  The Goodsons assumed that it was money stolen from ATM Solutions.  Cathy Goodson agreed to store the money at her house for a couple of days.  A few days later they returned  with James Wright and Annkesha Welch to Cathy Goodson’s house to count and repackage the money with the intent to further conceal it.  
Candi Goodson and Welch were promised $3000 each for their assistance.  The money was counted and placed in bundles of $20,000 in freezer bags and placed in a storage container.  Wright had the money taken to Texas and buried.  Wright, Welch and Candi Goodson drove to Texas and then to Atlanta, Georgia, with the stolen money where it was hidden in a storage locker.  It was later recovered by the FBI. When interviewed by the FBI, Cathy Goodson lied to them about her involvement.      
Wright, who is from St. Loius, pleaded guilty April 7, 2011 and appeared Thursday for sentencing.    
The following co-defendants previously pled and were sentenced:
Annkesha Welch, 31, from St. Louis, was sentenced April 2nd to 18 months in prison on one felony count of transportation of stolen property; Candi Goodson, 24, was sentenced April 9th to 18 months in prison on one felony count of conspiracy to transport stolen property; Cathy Goodson, 50, was sentenced April 9th to one year of probation for lying to a federal agent. 
Co-defendant Yolanda Willis pled guilty last November to making false statements to the FBI about her assistance in the packaging and concealment of the money.  Her sentencing is scheduled for May 23, 2012.

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