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Maybe I was onto something last week when I suggested we try focusing on just one goal a day. But I need to expand it.

I figured this out as I was preparing for my interview with Dr. Jason Selk today. He is the Director of mental training with the St. Louis Cardinals. He helps them condition their minds to become mentally tough. He helped them win the World Series by teaching them how to stick to daily, fundamental goals.

I started reading his book “Executive Toughness” yesterday to prepare for the segment and couldn’t put it down. The techniques outlined in the book force you to come up with your purpose in life. Once you figure out your purpose then you chose your three top priorities and  the goals you are going to aim for every day to achieve a big goal at the end of a year.

It’s helping me analyze my life to see what I want and who I want to be and then figure out daily goals to keep me on track. So for of my priorities is family. My goal is to become a better wife and mother. So I map out three daily goals for that one priority. I may tweak them but right now the three daily “process” goals for family is:

1.Spend one hour of quality time with Riggs each night (no tv, no cell phone)
2.Spend 30 minutes of quality time with Jason each night (no tv, no cell phone)
3.Do one unexpected nice gesture for Jason daily

Another priority is to improve myself spiritually and physically. The three daily goals:

1.Spend at least 15 minutes reading the Bible and praying every morning
2.At least 30 minutes of exercise four days a week
3.Attend at least one church service a week.

You get the idea. The book also teaches you mental exercises to stay focused, accountable and optimistic. You could take the formula and use it for anything. To improve your career, relationships, finances, health. For me, this could be the key to balance!!   I’ll keep you posted.

Check out Dr. Jason Selk

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