Family tried to save victim at Kilroy's deadly tent accident -

Family tried to save victim at Kilroy's deadly tent accident

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A survivor wants to set the record straight on the moments leading up to Saturday’s deadly storm at Kilroy’s Sports Bar.  Steve Magana says the crowd was not a bunch of drunk people who had no idea the storm was coming.  Magana and his family members tried to save Alfred Goodman, but they couldn’t.  Goodman died at the scene from blunt force trauma.

Magana says the crowd could see the storm coming, but it just intensified too quickly.  He said the music wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear the storm.

“From the drizzle it went to a very hard downpour,” he said.  “And within 5 to 10 seconds that gust came in.”  The next thing he knew the main tent and a smaller tent started to lift in the air.  “When it went you heard people screaming and the poles just went flying.”

Magana found his wife and once he realized she was okay, he started helping others.  “It was pure chaos, blood all over the place,” Magana said.  He spotted Alfred Goodman and rushed in to help with 3 family members.  One relative, a part-time firefighter, was doing CPR.  “I'm trying to hold his mouth wide open and cover the gash on his head to stop the bleeding.  We were going several minutes.  It must have been 15 minutes that we were trying to save this man.”

But they weren’t able to save Goodman and we now know the medical examiner ruled he died from blunt force trauma.

Magana says he hasn’t been able to sleep well since the deadly storm.  He says he’s heartbroken for the Goodman family and plans to send them flowers to offer his condolences.

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