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Fenton couple gets refund after problems with wedding photographer

FENTON, Mo. (KMOV) – One of the most important treasures of a couple’s wedding day are the photos, but when a Fenton couple started having trouble with their photographer they hired someone else.  The problem is the first photographer kept their money.

Brian and April Haskins decided to cancel the contract with photographer Mindy Rulo of Paragon Studios with only four months until their big day as problems mounted.

“We wanted to pay in full.  We decided to pay half that night and she could not give me a copy of the contract because we were out on a location,” April Haskins said.

The Haskins contacted the Better Business Bureau after Rulo would not refund their money.

“We scheduled a meeting with them and they decided they were only going to give us half our money and they would give us the other half after we removed the Better Business Bureau complaints and things like that,” Brian Haskins said.

What sounded like a plan was just another problem.  The Haskins never heard from Rulo again – until News 4 stepped in.

“I can give it tomorrow,” Mindy Rulo said.  “It is not that we don’t have the money.  We have it.  I guess I just have to set up a time to meet with them since Rob has been working such long hours.”

After months of not hearing back from Rulo, the Haskins were finally given back their money that was promised to them.

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