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Woman finds 2-year-old wandering Florissant street

FLORISSANT, Missouri (KMOV) -- A woman had a startling  surprise on her way to work Monday when she came across and almost hit a two-year-old boy wandering a Florissant street.
Katisha Reese said she found the boy barefoot and holding one show in the 6400 block of Hadden Bay Road.  She picked him up and called police.
While waiting for police to arrive, she kept the frightened boy entertained by letting him play Angry Birds on her phone.
St. Louis County Police officers responded to the scene and started knocking on doors in the neighborhood.  On the third door they knocked on, a woman in her 20s confirmed that the toddler was one she was watching.  She told police she thought the child was in bed.  
Reese says the young woman showed some major attitude and police ended up taking her away.
The toddler is a foster child and is now back with his foster parent.  He was not hurt.
"I did what anyone else would do," says Reese.  "I'm just glad God put me in the position to be able to do this."

-Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV. 


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