Kirkwood woman falls victim to money scam -

Kirkwood woman falls victim to money scam

KIRKWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) -- A Kirkwood woman is out more than $2,000, but we’re alerting you to make sure you don’t fall for the same scam.  The victim simply responded to a job posting in the Webster-Kirkwood Times Newspaper.  Instead she got worked over by scammers.

The job posting was for a personal assistant to work from home.  The victim responded by email and had several exchanges with the prospective employer based in Rolla, Missouri.  She accepted the job and received 2 checks in the mail for her first assignment.  She was instructed to cash them, keep 10% for herself, and wire the rest to an address in Baltimore, Maryland.

The victim had enough in her bank account to cover the $2450 in the first check so the bank gave her the money.  But before the check was processed she wired the money.  Big mistake.

“The money was wired to a 3rd party and not the employer nor did it have any connection to where this employer was to be located,” said Dave Smith, Kirkwood Police Detective.  Smith said it was a fake company, a fake address, and the emails were traced to an IP address outside the U.S.

“People need to understand that once you wire money, it's immediately gone,” said Smith.  “There's no way to pull that back.”

The bank recognized the first check was fake in time to stop payment on the second check.  So the victim is out $2450.

Detective Smith says he’s never seen a scam like this via a job posting.  He encourages people to get more contacts and info about a prospective employer.  And before you wire money find out why you’re sending the money and who you’re actually sending it to.  Then wait for that check to clear through your bank.

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