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Just One Thing

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

What if you had one goal for each day?  Just one. If you hit that goal don’t you think you would feel like you accomplished something? I mean, sure you would do all the required stuff that goes with your normal routine but in addition you would have one main goal.

Today my goal is not to gossip at all. Do you know how hard that is to do at a news station? A place full of story tellers??? And I work with mostly women. It’s noon and so far I haven’t said anything about anyone.

Last time we spoke I told you about my Mommy meltdown and lack of balance. I’m still working on it. In fact, we are doing a segment on it in a couple weeks on Great Day. But after reading several comments from viewers and friends, I decided maybe the problem (other than me trying to make a perfect life) is that I attempt too many improvements at once. I mean try starting to be better in every area of your life at once and see how that goes…You are so overwhelmed you just throw up you arms and quit.

So my new experiment is to come up with one goal a day and it can be the same one for several days until it starts to become natural. Or at least you are aware of the fact you are about to fail at your goal before you fail.

Last week my goal was not to say anything negative to my husband. So that meant if he hurt my feelings or did something I didn’t like, I couldn’t say anything..It forced me to stop in my tracks and think about ways I could approach the topic without criticizing or being hurtful or confrontational..So when he told me I was getting less money to spend this month because I jacked up our credit card balance I simply said “ok.” I didn’t even throw out excuses as to why I had to buy this or that. I think we were both shocked by my reaction. But the truth is he was right and he was really sweet about it.

The motivation behind my one goal isn’t just the sense of accomplishment, it’s also because I know I will be a more pleasant person to be around. Who doesn’t want that? But here is what really holds me to it… I imagine receiving a standing ovation in heaven after I have overcome a temptation. I now that’s a little Ally McBealish…but at least it’s not a naked dancing baby.

I got the idea at church a few weeks ago. I was about to be baptized and the minister prayed over me and said, “God I know you are smiling down from Heaven at what Virginia is about to do.” That one line made me cry. How powerful is that?!!!

I mean I hope I make Him smile more than once a day..but if I know for sure I met my goal and made Him smile for that daily goal alone, that is huge! And it’s way easier than trying to be better in every way every day all at once. Just one thing in one day.

P.S. Posting your goal on social media may help you stay accountable too.


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