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Draft Blog: The latest on the Rams, NFL Draft

(FootballStL) -- The Rams select Michael Brockers from LSU with the 14th overall pick. (Update 8:28 p.m.)


Wide Receiver Michael Floyd from Notre Dame went to Arizona with the 13th pick.  Big blow for the Rams. It would have been outstanding for St. Louis if they could have nabbed one of Notre Dame's all time best wide outs on  top of their other selections as well.  Rams on the clock.  (Update 8:20 p.m.)


The Rams don't land Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson but they do own four selections within the first 45 picks of the draft. (14th overall, and three second rounders).

Given the circumstances, (Blackmon and Richardson gone), I think this was a wise move by the Rams. The Rams have many needs and this is exactly how you rebuild a franchise.

It would have been great to see Blackmon in the blue n' gold though.  Sam Bradford is probably bummed out for the time being. (Update 7:58 p.m.)


The Rams have traded with the Dallas Cowboys.  The Rams will get the Cowboys' 14th overall pick and the Cowboys second round pick. (45th overall).  They now have three second round picks.

Jacksonville just traded up to grab the 5th pick from Tampa Bay. Justin Blackmon is headed to J-Ville.

Matt Kali, the highly touted OT was selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the fourth overall pick.

With the sixth pick, Dallas selects Morris Claiborne, LSU corner back. (Update 7:38 p.m.)


With the third pick, Trent Richardson, running back from Alabama is headed to Cleveland.  Richardson is a powerful back that can help out the Browns ASAP.

This means that wide receiver Justin Blackmon could be headed to St. Louis with the sixth pick.

Somewhere Steven Jackson is breathing a sigh of relief.  (Update 7:23 p.m.)


With the second overall pick, Robert Griffin III heads to Washington.  No suprise again. (Update 7:15 p.m.)


Roger Goodell was booed when he walked on stage to officially kick off the NFL draft.

The Colts select Andrew Luck with first overall pick. The entire media room blew up in sarcasm.  (Update 7:11 p.m.)


I tried to pull a smooth move and asked one the Rams' people who they'll pick, they laughed and said I don't know; bummer, I really thought that was going to work!

There's  17 media members at Rams Park right now.  I took a poll to see who everyone thinks the Rams will chose with their first pick.  12 said if available, it'll be Justin Blackmon. Five said the Rams will chose someone else.  (Update 6:48 p.m.)


Everything is pretty quiet here at Rams Park.  The buzz around media room is that people believe the Rams will take Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon with their first pick (6th overall).  By no means is that official, that's just what people are talking about  within the media members. 

There was a trade just a bit ago.  The Minnesota Vikings  traded the No. 3 pick to the Cleveland Browns for three picks in the 2012  draft. That could make Blackmon available at the six spot for the Rams.

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