Man says AT&T sales person lied to get him to switch companies -

Man says AT&T sales person lied to get him to switch companies

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Internet and phone providers are aggressive in trying to get customer to switch companies. But one man says a sales associate lied to get him to sign up.

For just over two months, “Joe” used AT&T U-Verse Internet and phone service. He does not want to use his real name, so News 4 concealed his identity.

Joe says he and wife switched to U-Verse after the sales person at the AT&T store offered them a fantastic deal.

“I guess he looked at our account and said, ‘listen we can upgrade you, we can get you faster internet, home phone, with long distance and you’re not going to pay more than you’re paying now,’” Joe recalled.

The problem was, the great deal never showed up on their bills.

When Joe called AT&T to complain, he got some shocking information.

“They said ‘listen, they’re on commission. They lied to you and there’s not much I can do,’” said Joe.

Joe contacted News 4, who got a hold of AT&T to ask if a sales person would intentionally misrepresent rates just to land a commission.

A spokesperson with the company said there was no indication of such a problem.

When asked about Joe’s specific case, the spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied it happened.

The company did, however, get back to Joe.

“She said this is an isolated incident, things of that nature, and everybody’s going to be retrained,” Joe said. “She said ‘we’ve listened to the tape, he’s not a supervisor and I believe what you’re telling me.’”

Following News 4’s called to AT&T, Joe and his wife do have a rate close to what they say they were promised.

In fact, the company is bending over backwards to make them happy.

AT&T insists there is no evidence of a practice of employees lying or making offers that do not exist in order to make a sale.

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