News 4 asks USPS about downtown mail delivery complaints -

News 4 asks USPS about downtown mail delivery complaints

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- In the Ely Walker loft building in Downtown St. Louis, some residents have shouldered the burden of making sure their neighbor’s mail gets delivered. Some collect letters that were scattered on the floor of the mailroom and on window ledges and try to make sure the mail gets to the right apartment.

“My fiancé, Courtney, decided to sort them and hand deliver them to most of the units on the sixth and seventh floor, it was the entirety of the sixth and seventh floor’s mail,” said resident Joe Ziadi.

Another neighbor, a bride-to-be, says she spent over $300 on postage for RSVP cards to her wedding - only to find some of the cards aren’t getting delivered.

She says, so far, her neighbors have brought 20 cards to her door. All were delivered to the wrong mailboxes.

Residents described a chronic, and on-going problem with mail delivery in their building.

“It’s been going on since January. Just yesterday, I found 20 pieces of mail that were not mine in my box, for my neighbor,” said Ziadi.

U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman, Valerie Welsch, says the office is aware of the complaints. Last Friday, the Post Master met with all letter carriers about quality control. The Post Master also met with the carrier, responsible for the downtown route.

“Managers are trying to give him an opportunity to show he can perform his duties,” said Welsch.

Residents say the delivery problems have continued, even since the Post Master addressed the letter carriers.

On Thursday, Welsch said the Post Master planned to go to the buildings where complaints have been made and inspect the delivery. Hughes said the Post Master will talk to the letter carrier again on Thursday.

“By and large, the vast majority of letter carriers are very dedicated and hardworking and really care about the customers on their route,” said Welsch.

If you have a complaint about your mail delivery, you can contact the USPS here.

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