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Police catch murder suspect minutes after teen found shot in the head

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer
By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

EAST ST. LOUIS, Il. (KMOV) -- Two Metro East men are locked up on one of the biggest bail amounts we've seen -- $2 million apiece for murdering an East St. Louis teenager, who police say was just walking back from the store on Sunday morning.  One of the suspects is also wanted in the random murder of a delivery truck driver.

In a community where violent crime is the norm, a murder has everyone baffled.  Jonathan Williams wasn't part of the drug trade, he was not violent, and he never even carried a gun.  His friends, family and police are rattled that someone would gun him down.

"It hurts me that they killed that boy like that. He ain't done nothin'," Clara Johnson, Jonathan's foster mom, said.  "They had no reason to kill this boy.  He didn't ever bother no one.  He wasn't no fighter."

Police say Jonathan Williams was picked at random for an apparent robbery; shot dead, just three blocks from his own home on Sunday morning where his foster mom waited for him before church.

"I'm raisin' him and fussin' about so much trouble in the street at night, but this boy got killed on a Sunday morning in the daytime," Johnson said.  "I ain't never thought about daytime."

Jonathan's friends lined up at a makeshift memorial to tell us what a good guy he was -- the last person they'd expect to be gunned down in broad daylight.

"I miss him now," Antywan Seawood said.  "That hurt me in my heart that somebody want to kill my boy out the blue.  He ain't like that, you know what I'm saying, he used to be around but that boy didn't do nothin' to nobody though."

Jonathan's friends are thankful to police, who chased down William Warner.  Officer Ricky Perry found Warner near the crime scene.  Witnesses say Warner, just 16 years old, pumped nearly a dozen bullets into Jonathan's body.  He'll be tried as an adult.

Police say 20-year-old Alan Davis turned himself in the next day.  He's also the prime suspect in the 2011 murder of delivery driver Truman Smith.  Both Warner and Davis are being held on a massive, $2 million bond.

"It feels good to know that we can get a high bond on people, letting them know that if the crime happens, you're going to pay for it," Det. Orlando Ward, East St. Louis Police, said.

"I want to shout out to you bro," Seawood said as he blew a kiss skyward.  "I'm sending you a kiss just like that."

Clara Johnson sure has been through a lot this year.  I first met her in February when another one of her kids was abducted while walking to school.  Neighbors came to his rescue, and now, they're back for support for Clara's murdered son.

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