Steve Savard's take on the Rams draft -

Steve Savard's take on the Rams draft

(FootballStL) -- The most likely scenario for the Rams in the first round of the draft? That would be staying put at six and selecting Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon. He's a great player that fits a dire need. His production in a major program in college was astounding. And I love the fact that he's extremely productive after the catch. That's been missing from the Rams offense since Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce were in their primes.

The most likely "unconventional" move the Rams are likely to make? That would be trading down to accumulate more picks. Jeff Fisher all but admitted Wednesday that eight draft picks won't come close to addressing all the team's needs. The Rams are not Super Bowl contenders in 2012. I know it, you know it and Fisher knows it.


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