Vaughn: Rams should pick Blackmon in NFL Draft -

Vaughn: Rams should pick Blackmon in NFL Draft

Perhaps the most worthless news conference of the year is the one NFL coaches and general managers have just before the draft.

They say next to nothing and give away none of their secrets. They give no hints as to who they select with their first pick. They say things like “we don’t draft for need, we take the best player available”.

It’s always the same, every year, with every team.  Jeff Fisher and Les Snead of the Rams went through that exercise Wednesday morning at Rams Park. Fisher said the Rams would be open to trading up, down or staying where they are now.

No kidding.

Again, every other coach in the league was saying the same thing at about the same time. We learn nothing from these news conferences, but we go every year anyway. At least there used to be free food at those news conferences, but those days are gone. Good thing there’s a McDonald’s across the street from Rams Park.

I’m hoping, praying, even begging that the Rams take the best wide receiver on the board with the sixth pick in the first round. If I don’t hear the name “Justin Blackmon” called on Thursday night, I’ll be very disappointed. I wanted the Rams to pick Blackmon, the Oklahoma State wide receiver, even before they traded the second overall pick to Washington.

He may still be available at the sixth spot, and the Rams need to sprint to the podium to take him. Blackmon is exactly what the Rams haven’t had in recent years: a game-breaking wide receiver that can spread the field and make big plays. He had some monster years in college. He’s a good guy off the field. He’s everything the Rams need. The NFL is a passing league. The New York Giants just won the Super Bowl with the 32nd-ranked running game in the league. Both Indianapolis and Arizona have made it to the Super Bowl in recent years with the worst running offenses in the entire NFL. You can’t win just by running the ball, you have to throw it effectively. Sam Bradford desperately needs targets, and Justin Blackmon would make an outstanding target.

Will the Rams do what makes sense and draft Blackmon if he’s still on the board? Who knows.

With the new Fisher led regime, it’s hard to predict what they might do. The Rams have played the most boring football imaginable over the last six years. If they take another defensive tackle in the first round - which is entirely possible - I think I may faint. Or maybe I’ll just go back to sleep.

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