Belleville police investigating possible profiling case -

Belleville police investigating possible profiling case

BELLEVILLE, Il. (KMOV) – Belleville police are investigating what could be a profiling case similar to the one against George Zimmerman after a white man followed two African-American men to a local gas station and started a confrontation.

The two men pulled into a gas station for help because the man following them was driving so erratically that they feared for their safety, according to police.

Police tell News 4 that the white man saw the two African-Americans driving in his neighborhood and began to follow them on Friday night.

After the victims pulled into the Gas Mart on South Belt East, the 38-year-old suspect reached into their vehicle and grabbed them.  The victims defended themselves by striking back.

“I think the perpetrator got the worst end of this situation,” Rev. Johnny Scott, NAACP, said.  “They (victims) handled themselves well and I think he jumped in the tiger’s den and did not know how to get out.  He is still going to pay for his action.”

The 38-year-old suspect was arrested for battery and the case is still under investigating.

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