Battle against synthetic drugs rages in Lincoln County -

Battle against synthetic drugs rages in Lincoln County

TROY, Mo. (KMOV) -- Cracking down on fake drugs is a constant fight in Lincoln County.

Troy police caught Donald Blackman, 41 of Moscow Mills, selling sythetic marijuana on his own outside a store police had already raided.  Earlier this month, they seized $10,000 worth of "King Karma," another form of synthetic drugs from a store in Troy.  It's often marketed as plant food, jewelry cleaner or massage powder,  but it can be deadly to snort or smoke.

"We did have an incident where an individual actually cut marks -- and it wasn't superficial cuts; they were deep cuts into his arm because he thought there were wires growing inside, so he was trying to get them out," Maj. Ray Floyd, Troy Police Department, said. "One of the deputies who responded to the scene found him running through the trail court without any clothes on in the middle of winter."

The Drug Abuse Resistance Team (DART) wants to teach parents and teens about the dangers of these drugs and what to look for.  DART's town hall meeting is Monday evening at 6:30 at Troy Buchanan High School.

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