Great Day Holiday Primetime Special -

Great Day Holiday Primetime Special

Follow the links to watch features from the Great Day Holiday Primetime Special

Three French Hens 
Jeannie Hood from Three French Hens is showing us ways to give your Christmas tree a little oomph!

Schaefer’s Hobby 
Let your imagination take flight with Schaefer’s Hobby.

Dr. Ann Riordan from Wildwood Dermatology is telling us about her affordable skincare solution Azfasst.

Apple Vacations 
Apple Vacations is giving us the top travel deals for the holidays.

Vincent’s Jewelers 
Here's the need-to-know information for selling gold or other jewelry from the experts at Vincent's Jewelers.

Puddle Ducks 
We have the top ten gifts for the new mom or baby in your life from Puddle Ducks.

Holiday Cocktails 
Here are some fun and easy drink recipes for any holiday party!

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