Cyber Monday; how to protect your wallet -

Cyber Monday; how to protect your wallet

(KMOV) - It's Cyber Monday. Until midnight, retailers everywhere have special web-only promotions that can save you a lot of money.

That's because the Monday after Thanksgiving is known as cyber monday - when a record number of people shop online.

More than a million people will take advantage of cyber monday; buying things online they can only get at that special price today. But you better be careful.  Sometimes its not only what you buy, but where you buy.

Experts says, "dont use an unsecure wifi hotspot.  If you're doing a lot of purchases at a place like starbucks where its not that secure its easy access and vulnerability to a hacker."


Many deals are today only, but some stores like Walmart have special online deals thru Friday. 2 things to look out "s" in the url and a lock symbol . 


The lock symbol will tell you when you put your credit card info into the computer, it's protected and no one else can see it.   


Experts also say another important piece of advice is always pay with your credit card. They say, "never wire money because that's literally just like handing somebody cash."


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