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IPhone 4 charging dock with mini battery pack

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

(AP) -- The Apple iPhone 4 has better battery life than its predecessors. But it can still use up a fair amount of juice during a busy day -- especially if you have lots of alerts and e-mail coming in. So it's good to have a backup plan. Kensington has a helpful solution: a charging dock that comes with a miniature battery pack. The device is updated for the iPhone 4 -- but the concept is the same. A sturdy base sits that can sit on your desk or nightstand that has docks for the phone itself -- and for a small battery. If you should run your phone battery down, simply plug the rechargeable mini battery into the iPhone jack -- and it replenishes your battery. After you're done, drop the battery back on the dock and it will be ready for next time. The battery can provide enough power to keep the device running for up to 3 hours of talk, 30 hours of music or 6 hours of video. The package comes with the dock, battery and a USB charging/sync cable.
   Kensington site: http://www.kensington.com

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