Mother, 3 children hospitalized after violent crash -

Mother, 3 children hospitalized after violent crash

A local family is counting its blessings this Thanksgiving despite a tough road ahead.

A mother and her three children were injured in a car accident on Saturday in Franklin County.  Police say the family's van was hit by a driver who had a fatal heart attack behind the wheel.

"She went through about 10 hours of surgery," Nick Boland says.  "Both hips are broken and both femurs are broken..."

As doctors work to put his sister, Tasha Boland back together, her 3-year-old twins are separated.  Cameron is in a body-cast to repair his broken legs.  Morgan is in crtical condition at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

"She is lucky to be alive" Boland says.  "The doctor says usually it's an instant death.  In her case, there are a lot of spinal cord problems -- it's not damaged, but it's been stretched."

The crash that claimed one woman's life has also drastically changed another.  Now Nick Boland is trying to hold his fragile family together.

"I don't know what to do, and that's the hardest part," Boland says.  "I don't know what's coming."

He's borrowed his parents truck for more room and bought a new car seat big enough to fit Cameron's body cast.

"Whenever my sister gets out, we're going to let her come live with us, and we're going to try to make it work," Boland says.

But the Bolands are at a breaking point.  The family does have medical insurance. but worries about the long-term care Tasha and Morgan might need.

"We've always been the helpers and not the helpees," Boland says.

A stranger saw Cameron and gave the Bolands a helping hand.

"I thought he gave us $10, and just $10 I was going to give him a hug and it makes me upset and cry because it's really emotional," Boland says.

Upon closer inspection, it was $100, leaving Nick speechless.

"We're thankful everyone's alive," he says through a stream of tears.  "And in three days it's my birthday."

And he has just one wish.

"To haveeverybody home."

The family is sure counting its blessings.

5-year-old Donavan Boland was also in the crash.  He's now out of the hospital after spending the weekend there.

"The Boland Family Fund" has been set up to help the family at US Bank.  The closest branch to the family is located at 201 S. Oak Street in Union, MO.  The phone number is 636.583.5152.

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