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Did tornado sirens go off in your neighborhood?

Did you hear sirens sound in your neighborhood? If so, tell us where.

In St. Louis County, viewers reported hearing warnings sirens as thunderstorms fired up Wednesday night.

There wasn't a tornado warning for St. Louis County.

Steve Templeton, 4 Warn Meteorolgist, tried to reassure viewers during Wednesday evening broadcasts.

"While there are sirens going off in St. Louis, reports from Clayton, to Chesterfield, to U-City, a lot of people are kinda freaking out, a little worried about that. The rotation is not here in St. Louis. There are just thunderstorms right now, moving through," explained Templeton.


At 10 p.m., Templeton warned viewers in northern Crawford County that rotation was spotted in a line of heavy storms. That was about 80 miles from the St. Louis area, where sirens were going off.

News 4 staffers took calls from viewers in the area, reporting that the warnings sirens were sounding. Many asked if it was really time to seek shelter.

St. Louis County Police confirm that it set off warnings sirens Wednesday night.

According to the county, "The St. Louis County Police Department will activate the outdoor warning siren system whenever the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for a Missouri County adjacent to St. Louis County and the direction of the storm path poses a threat to St. Louis County. If a tornado warning is subsequently issued for St. Louis County, the sirens will again be activated."

Basically, the sirens are sounded to ask people to wait for more information.

According to the county: "Immediate evacuation may not always be warranted based upon the location of the storm, so it is important that local media sources or weather radios be monitored for the duration of the warning."

This may lead to confusion for some who assume a tornado is bearing down on the area if a warning siren is sounded.

What do you think? Is the message being watered down?

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