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Police find food stamps, child support payments in drug house




Police in Wellston found drugs, weapons, and government-issued debit cards during a drug bust in the 6400 block of Hobart Avenue on Friday.

Police found 60 Missouri Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, usually used in place of food stamps. Detectives say the accused dealer accepted the government aide in instead of cash.

A handful of SecuritE Cards, with child support payments loaded onto them, were also found in the home along with cash, jewlrey, weapons, and homemade pornography.

"We also believe that he was also producing pornography out of that residence there and we believe that some of the payment was in favors," said a narcotics detective who investigated the case. We're withholding the detective's name for his safety.

The suspected dealers was arrested, but later released pending formal charges. Police in Wellston say they are awaiting lab results to confirm what types of drugs were found in the home. Police believe they found crack/cocaine and marijuana.

The discovery of government-issued debit cards is kicking off a seperate fraud investigation as authorities begin to track down the people who traded government aide for drugs.

"We have names of the persons the cards were issued to and that information is being turned over to a state agency," said Wellston Police Chief George Walker.

Police say each card had a pin number written on the back which leads detectives to believe the account holder willingly gave their cards to the suspected dealer.

Wellston Police expect formal charges to be filed against the suspected drug dealer next week. At that point, his name will be released. Police say the suspect is an ex-con in his 50s.

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