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Looking ahead: Rams on the road

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

No coach wants any of his players looking beyond the approaching game but I'm under no such restriction. Let me put this out there--I believe the Rams will win the next two games on the road. I think the Denver game is a toss up but I think the Rams are overdue to find a way to win a close game. And I think this team is capable of more than we've seen in road games. And I'm confident the Rams will beat the Cardinals in Arizona.
Looking ahead several weeks, I see a season finale showdown in Seattle with the NFC West title on the line. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants? From 1-15 and scoring 11 points per game in 2009 to a winner take all slugfest in the final game the next season. If I'm right, Steve Spagnuolo should be the NFL Coach of the Year.
The two games remaining I'm not confident about are New Orleans and K.C. Beating the Saints in New Orleans will be a little bit much to ask. And although I think the Rams certainly can beat the Chiefs, their number one ranked running game should give them a time of possession advantage that will be tough to overcome. We'll see there.
But I do have faith that the Rams will beat the 49ers in week 16. And that would set up the Seahawks-Rams showdown. Pie in the sky thinking? Don't think so. That's not my style. I just think this Rams team is tired of falling short and I think they believe they're capable of more. The game Sunday at Denver is the key. Running Steven Jackson often and on the edges may be the key for the Rams offense. It will take more than 20 points to win it. I'm betting it's a happy plane ride home.

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