Toys from LagoonaMagoo! -

Toys from LagoonaMagoo!

LagoonaMagoo Toys as seen on Great Day St. Louis

Magformers construction 19.99-74.99 by rainbow products

Ezy rollers 89.99-99.99 designed in new zealand. 2yrs to adults

Tickle monster book and monster mits 34.99

Rody max $125.00 Rody Regular $50.00 holds up to 400#s great for getting kids active!

Bubber 5oz bucket $12.99  made in Sweden

Classic large tin top $24. classics that never go out of style.

Pocket discs Knitted Frisbee $9.99-14.99 fair trade!

Turbospoke-$19.99for all of the new bikes


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