Placards, kilts part of plans for scanner protests -

Placards, kilts part of plans for scanner protests




CHICAGO (AP) -- Travelers dismayed by airport body scans are headed to airports with the makings of any good protest: handmade fliers, slogan-bearing T-shirts -- and Scottish kilts.

The loosely organized effort Wednesday is dubbed National Opt-Out Day. Participants hope to highlight what they consider unnecessarily intrusive security screenings, with some planning to wear kilts or other revealing travel attire.

Critics fear it will merely snarl pre-Thanksgiving airline operations on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Of the roughly 40 million people planning to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, more than 1.6 million are flying.

Body scans for passengers chosen at random take as little as 10 seconds. New pat-down procedures can take 4 minutes or longer, and if enough people opt for a pat-down, security-line delays could quickly cascade.

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