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What to wear to avoid airport security pat downs this Thanksgiving

(KMOV) – Many travelers will be headed to the airport Wednesday and many may wonder what they can do to lower the chances of getting an invasive pat down. 

Clothing can make a big difference in airport security checks and the wrong clothing can only complicate matters. 
Experts say to avoid baggy pants, underwire bras, metal jewelry or clothes with metal studs. The TSA has not issued any guidelines on what to wear, but travel experts say women may want to consider wearing pants instead of skirts. If passengers wear baggy clothing, they could face extra scrutiny. 
Many travelers at Lambert International believe all the hype about heightened security is much ado about nothing. 
The odds of going through a body scanner at Lambert are pretty slim and most passengers will go through traditional metal detectors. 
Passengers who refuse to go through a body scanner are subject to a pat down. 


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