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When gift cards expire, who gets the money? How can you get it back?



turn over gift cards that have gone unused for at least five years. If the card is expired stores are still supposed to give the cash value to the state.



Click here to search the database in Missouri: www.treasurer.mo.gov/mainucp.aspx

Click here to reach the Illinois Treasurer's Office:  www.treasurer.il.gov/programs/cash-dash/gift-certificates.aspx

Some stores are able to turn over the name of the person who bought the gift card, but often the only information the state receives is the account number on the gift certificate or card. That's why keeping the physical card or certificate is key. If you have the account number, call the treasurer's office.

It's unclear how much unclaimed giftcard money the Illinois Treasurer has in the unclaimed property account.  Alexi Giannoulias' office never returned our call, requesting more information this afternoon.

Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel advises holiday shoppers to start keeping track of gift card information.

If you buy a gift card, photocopy it and keep track of the account number. You may need it if the money ever ends up in the hands of the state.


If you haven't had luck redeeming old gift cards through the store that issued them, your next stop should be the state.

The Missouri Treasurer's Office says it has $5.2 million in unclaimed gift card and gift certificate money. Since January of this year, the state returned around $60,000 to people who found their names on the state's unclaimed property database.

Both Missouri and Illinois ask retailers to

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