Crooks using high-tech methods to steal credit card information -

Crooks using high-tech methods to steal credit card information

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

(KMOV) – With $100 worth of merchandise purchased online, thieves are able to steal your credit card information, without the card ever leaving your wallet. 

Radio frequency technology, or R-F, lets you buy something just by waving your credit card in front of a card reader, without swiping it. 
Criminals are now using the same technology to steal credit card information from online shoppers. 
Walt Augustinowicz runs a company, called Identity Stronghold, and he custom made this setup with items he bought online. 
The technology cannot steal any credit cards, only cards with the newer R-F technology, which about 100,000,000 are already in circulation. 
Augustinowicz says Identity Stronghold sells products that block the R-F signal and protect credit cards. 
Consumers can also protect cards by wrapping it in tin foil. 
Credit card companies responded by saying they have protection measures in place and their customers are not responsible for any fraudulent purchases.
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