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Will I get a pat down at Lambert?

You've heard a lot in the last few days about body scans at airports, which some have called a virtual strip search, and the controversial pat downs. Many are calling on the TSA to modify pat downs because of complaints they go too far.All the outrage has left the impression that you're guaranteed to experience one or the other. The reality is your chances are good that you won't be bothered by either.

During busy times in the terminal at Lambert Airport where Southwest Airlines flights come and go, there are usually four lanes of passengers going through the security checkpoint. But there's only one body scanner. The majority of travelers get through the security checkpoint without experiencing a body scan. That's also the case at the security checkpoints in the main terminal, except for American Airlines flights where they haven't installed a body scanner machine yet.

When it comes to pat downs, they're few and far between. If you refuse a body scan or set off the metal detector and can't figure out why, you'll get a pat down. But you can stand at a security checkpoint and watch hundreds of people pass through without seeing a single pat down. Most travelers don't have to worry about experiencing either.


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