Security lines growing at Lambert Airport -

Security lines growing at Lambert Airport

(KMOV) -- The day before the busiest travel day of the year, fliers at Lambert Airport are already encountering long security lines.

With the intense media coverage of TSA 'enhanced' pat-down procedures, some Americans have begun to resist or even refuse submitting to the security measures.  There is even a campaign for a mass security 'opt-out' the day before Thanksgiving.  That is not happening at Lambert Airport right now.  In fact, during a 30 minute period a News 4 crew observed no passengers asked to submit to a body scan or enhanced pat-down.

A new CBS News poll showed 4 out of 5 Americans support using full body scanners.

With airports already jam packed for the holiday travel, you should plan on giving yourself added time to get through security areas.

If you encounter a security issue or long lines during your Thanksgiving travel, email News 4 at


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