School board spends taxpayers money on a third trip -

School board spends taxpayers money on a third trip

(KMOV) – For a third time this year, Cahokia school board member, Larry Wynn, spent the weekend at a conference in Chicago, at taxpayer’s expense.

Wynn had a lot of company from Cahokia. Superintendent, Pam Manning, says all seven school board members, three administrators and an administrative assistant traveled to Chicago for the weekend. 
Based on the cost of previous trips, it is estimated this conference will cost Cahokia about $15,000. 
During the last 13 months, six board members have attended Chicago conferences three times. A seventh member went to Chicago twice and during the same time period, one board member went to Phoenix and six members, including Larry Wynn, went to Las Vegas. 
The total cost of all those trips cost taxpayers $45,000, more than 10-times what some local school boards spent on training and travel during the same amount of time. 
The Cahokia School District is among only three-percent of Illinois districts that have financial problems so severe that the state has put them on its financial watch list.
Other local school districts, like East St. Louis and Alton, went to the Chicago conference.
Edwardsville and O’Fallon Township districts did not send board members to the conference. 

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