Becoming a notary is as easy as becoming a golf strength training specialist -

Becoming a notary is as easy as becoming a golf strength training specialist

A couple of months ago I did a story about a website offering all kinds of certifications. After taking an on line test and paying 99 dollars I became a golf strength training specialist. I discovered the test was a joke, you could go back and change your answers without any ramifications - and the website even told you which ones were right and which ones were wrong.

A couple days after that story aired a viewer tipped me off to another easy to obtain online job, this time it was offered by the Missouri Secretary of State. I took another true/false, multiple choice test to complete my training as a notary. The test was similar to the one I took to become a golf strength training specialist, there was no studying required. In fact, I was able to change my answers as many times as I wanted, and within a few minutes I scored 100 percent.

After completing my online training I sent in a check for 25 bucks, I paid a bonding company, and once my commission was approved I took an oath to uphold the laws of the state and perform my duties as a notary. The process seemed too simple for a job the secretary of state's office calls important.

A spokeswoman for the secretary of state told me the process isn't as simple as receiving an online certification because it requires me to get bonded, and I need to show up in person to take the oath. Laura Egerdal also told me prior to 2004 there was no training required.

As a notary I am simply witnessing a signature on a legal document and verifying the person's identification. Over the years I've required the services of a notary on a few occasions, and always assumed their was more training involved, I guess I was wrong. Do you think the process is too easy? Do you think they should even have a test if it's so easy to cheat? I'm always open to hearing your thoughts on the issue.



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