Thanksgiving Crafts -

Thanksgiving Crafts

1) Thankful Hand Placemat – This cute placemat is easy to make and can also be used as a cute door wreath.

Materials Needed:  

Fall Colored Construction Paper 


Tape or glue


- Cut a 1” ring that is the same size of your dinner plates.

- Trace your hand on construction paper and cut out.  About 8-10 hands.

 - Glue or tape hands on the ring with fingers facing out. 

 - On each hand write a nice word that described the person who will be using the placemat


2)  Cup Turkey – This fun turkey can be used as a table decoration or as a place card holder.

Materials Needed:

Plastic cup 

Brown, yellow and red construction paper

Coffee filter




Pom pom (optional)

Goggle Eyes (optional) 


- Cover cup with brown construction paper

- Cut coffee filter in half and color with marker

- Pinch colored half of coffee filter into shape of fan and tape together.

- Flip cup upside down and tape coffee filter to back of cup.  Turkey feathers.

- Using yellow paper, cut turkey feet out and tape to lip of cup

- Head can be made by using an oval shaped piece of construction paper or a pompom.

- Tape head or glue head on cup and then add eyes

- Using yellow and red paper add beak and gobbler

- If using as place card holder cut upside down ‘U’ shape in front of cup.  Slide name card in slit.


3) Stain Glass Leaves – These eye catching decorations look great hanging in a window or from dinning room chandelier.

Materials Needed:

Card stock

Contact Paper

Fall Colors tissue Paper or Streamer Paper




- Cut a leaf shape form from the card stock

 - Cut the center from the leaf, while leaving about 1-2” edge

- Place on top of contact paper and trim off extra

- Rip small pieces of tissue paper and stick randomly all over contact paper until covered.


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