Body scanners are scarce at Lambert, airports around the country -

Body scanners are scarce at Lambert, airports around the country

 (KMOV) -- As we enter the holiday travel season, invasion of privacy at airports is becoming a hot topic. 

Knowing the routine can get airline passengers through security checkpoints faster, but there are some new steps to the routine and some frequent fliers don’t like them. 
But, when it comes to body scanners, the instructions are simple, the process is short, but there are not enough scanners to screen every passenger leaving Lambert International. 
Though, passengers who refuse a body scan are guaranteed a pat down at security check points. 
Pat downs are also guaranteed to passengers who set off metal detectors and if the security officials notice something unusual in carry-on luggage that goes through x-ray. 
One Lambert Airport traveler was unhappy after going through a very thorough pat down. 
Body Scanners have not been installed in concourse “C” at Lambert and passengers who fly American Airlines, Frontier or Air-Tran will have to go through traditional metal detectors.
Starting in 2011, airline pilots will not undergo physical checks at airport security.
The head of security says they are looking into similar exemptions for flight attendants.  

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