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Flier headline offends Parkway parent

Donna Gregory couldn't believe the piece of paper her son brought home recently.  The heading said. "Parents of Color," and it was inviting parents of minority students to a PTO meeting on how vital their role is as a Parkway parent.

She left me a voicemail and I was immediately intrigued.  She told me she was offended by the wording on the flier and did not go to the meeting.

Perhaps Donna should have.  If she had, she would have found out Parents of Color is the name of an organization wtih Parkway Schools.  It's actually the Parents of Color PTO.

I talked to Charolette Ijei, the Director of Pupil Personnel and Diversity with Parkway Schools.  She told me the goal of Parents of Color is simply to encourage more parents to get involved as "very few black parents are involved in their kids schools."

She went on to describe it as a support group on how to "help children suceed from a minority point of view."

I then talked to another Parkway Parent, Kevin Crisp.  Crisp totally understood Donna's reaction to the flier.  His was similar the first time he heard the phrase, "Parents of Color." 

But then he asked questions, got involved and now he's very much involved and sees great benefit in the organization.

Donna says she understands there was no intent to be insensitive with the flier.  She even said of Parkway, "the school district is great."  

So what started out as a controversial and offensive flier turned out to be a simply misunderstood flier. 

The End.

To read more about Parents of Color, click here.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at mschnyder@kmov.com.

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