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A glimpse at how the other half lives: Inside the U.S. Fidelis mansion

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(UPDATE) -- An auction is now active for former U.S. Fidelis owner Darain Atkinson's former Lake St. Louis mega-mansion.  You can see the listing by clicking here.  Any potential buyer needs to show proof of funds to purchase the property.

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(Chris Nagus/KMOV) -- I've been through lots of homes as a reporter, but I've never seen anything like the homes built by brothers Darain and Corey Atkinson.

Darain's home on the banks of Lake St. Louis cost nearly $30,000,000 to construct according to the creditors. Until you walk up the long winding driveway it's hard to describe the size and scope of the house.

On the outside you are greeted by the beautiful fountain, the roof that resembles a European castle, and the multiple garage stalls.

As you walk through the front doors the place looks more like a museum than a home. There's a towering wall of windows, marble floors and stairs, and chandeliers so opulent they would fit into the world's nicest cathedrals. I was told the library floor is actually made out of leather.

I also noticed the spiral staircases, they seemed to be everywhere throughout the 40,000 square foot house. There were spiral staircases inside the two story walk in closet off the master bedroom, in the library, in what appeared to be a gym, and leading up to a large steeple that overlooks Lake St. Louis. Once you make it to the top of the steeple you notice not only the view, but the enormous swimming pool and water slide below.

The basement looks like a grand hotel. As you walk down the steps past the elevator bay you turn a corner to a tropical aquarium, and yes it's still filled with bright yellow fish. There's also a two lane bowling alley, one of the coolest basement bars I've ever seen, and even a guitar room.

A few miles from Darain's home is the house built by his brother Corey. The home was more quaint, the creditors told me it cost $10,000,000 to build. Although I used the word quaint, there's nothing small about the place. There's a movie theater with a life sized Spiderman and Superman, an outdoor entertaining area that resembles a Las Vegas resort complete with a cabana house and pool, and a jungle gym that could keep dozens of kids busy for hours.

The creditors told me they are planning to sell both homes, and they are trying to recoup as much money as possible. There's an all cash offer on Darain's house for $4.75-million, Corey's house hasn't garnered any bids, at least not yet.

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