Cards missed boat on Uggla -

Cards missed boat on Uggla

The Cardinals signed free agent pitcher Jake Westbrook to a new two year contract, but I would have rather seen that money spent on Dan Uggla. The Cardinals biggest need is to upgrade the offense. They struggled mightily last season to score runs, and Uggla certainly would have helped in that area. The Florida Marlins traded Uggla to Atlanta for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn in the first trade of baseball's winter meetings. I think the Cardinals could have offered a similar or better package than what the Braves needed to make that trade. 

Uggla is a rare commodity, a middle infielder who hits with power. Last season he had 33 homeruns and 105 rbi's playing second base for the Marlins. That'd be a good year for a clean up hitting first baseman, much less a second baseman. Uggla would have been a great bat to have in the second spot in front of Albert Pujols. In fact, Albert is the only right handed hitter in the National League who's hit more homeruns that Uggla in the last five years. 

Uggla is eligible for salary arbitration and will probably get something in the neighborhood of $10 million for 2011. But he's worth it. To add bat like that to their line-up would have answered a lot of the Cardinals problems with one move.


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