Some wedding photos still MIA after photographer promises pictures -

Some wedding photos still MIA after photographer promises pictures

(KMOV) -- News 4 is getting answers for newlyweds who say they feel scammed by their wedding photographer.  It's been months since their big day and their photos still haven't been delivered.

"This is my life. I love it. I love what I do," Jennifer McConnell, Fotos 4 Life owner, says.  "I'm not out there to scam people.".

News 4's Maggie Crane went straight to the owner to find out why she hasn't made good on her promises.

When we first talked to owner, Jennifer McConnell by phone, she told me brides would receive reprinted pictures.  That was three weeks ago.  Of the four brides we originally interviewed, only one has received her photos.

We first met Kat Dorlac October 21st -- five months after her wedding and waiting on professional pictures from Fotos 4 Life.

"Nothing's happened since I talked to you," Dorlac says.
Now she's growing impatient.

"I got a professional photographer so it wasn't something I'd have to worry about on the day of my wedding, and that's turned out to be the biggest pain of it all," Dorlac says.

Kat and eight other brides filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau after their pictures -- promised in weeks -- have now been MIA for months.  We drove to photographer Jennifer McConnell's house in Staunton, Illinois to end the waiting game.

"Over the last two and a half weeks everyone from May, June, July, August and September have been sent out," McConnell says.

But they haven't all reached the brides.

Here's the real catch.  Kayleigh DeFilippo is still waiting on her professional pictures.  But while looking through video we shot at McConnell's house, we noticed a CD with Kayleigh and her husband's name on it.  McConnell says it's a reprint.

"We will contact her to find out if there's an address issue, if I have the wrong address or wrong shipping information and then reship from there," McConnell says.

While the experience has been anything but picture perfect, McConnell says she's now working to pull her F rating with the BBB out of the gutter.

"That is extremely important," McConnell says.  "I have been doing this for years and until this year, I have never, never had a complaint."

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