Man found not guilty in Belleville triple slaying trial -

Man found not guilty in Belleville triple slaying trial

(KMOV)-- The man accused in the triple murder at a Belleville hair salon has been found not guilty.

Darrell Lane was accused of killing Michael Cooney and two of his customers, sisters Doris Fischer and Dorothy Bone.

They were all found on March 2nd, 2005 at Cooney's home-based hair salon. Lane was just 16 at the time.

The jury decided that Lane's bloody fingerprint found in one of the victim's SUV was not enough to convict him. The jury found Lane not guilty on all three counts.

In court, Lane didn't show a lot of emotion. As the judges brought him out of the courtroom News 4 asked Lane if he was releived. He just shook his head yes.

Family members though could not contain their excitment. Lane's family cheered in the hallways as the verdict came down.

It took jurors five hours to make a decesion on Lane's future. The family members of the three victims declined to comment on camera.

Both the prosecutors and the defense attorney both agreed this case would be tough to prove Lane committed the murders.

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