My visit with commuters after a long morning -

My visit with commuters after a long morning

They weren't smiling but weren't really fuming either as they got off buses in downtown and got off trains in midtown.  Most were probably figuring out where they need to go next and how they're going to make up for the time lost at work this morning.

I talked to people who said the malfunction in East St. Louis made them 40 minutes to more than an hour behind schedule.  Ouch.

But four of the people I talked to downtown near the convention center said they had understanding bosses.  They'd been emailing, texting and calling them to tell them what's going on.  This has become a pretty big news story so I don't think many bosses are going to doubt or blame their employees for showing up late.

One guy said he missed two meetings.  He wasn't too broken up about it.  He also says in his experience Metro's been very reliable over the years.

I talked to one woman at the midtown stop who said her boss told her she should have made other arrangements to get to work.  She says she would have liked to.  She and one other person told me they didn't find out what was going on until they were in the middle of the commuting mess.. trying to take buses to catch other trains, etc.

Our newsroom started getting calls about the delays before 7am.  According to my assignment desk colleague, we didn't get any confirmation from Metro on what was happening and what people need to do, until after 8am.

One guy told me had he known about this before then, he would have driven to work today instead of endure the hassle and end up late to work.

Sounds like Metro may have some explaining to do on the communication aspect.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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