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Lead in Bags

     The word from Schnucks, is that just one style of their reusable bags are being discontinued because of an elevated level of lead.  They insist the level is still safe, but it is no longer being sold.  And there are no plans for any recall or buy-back. 

      Dierberg's tells us they've been assured by their supplier in California that their bags are below any standards for lead. 

      Trader Joe's says their bags are tested to be lead free.   And Whole Foods is still evaluating their bags at stores.

     The risk it seems lies when these bags get worn out and the paint on them can chip and flake and then pose the risk of lead poisoning if those flakes somehow are ingested. 

       The level of lead in the bags seems to vary widely, and many of these bags are made in China, which also had an issue over lead in childrens toys.

       The general accepte standard seems to be a metal level of 100 parts per million.  Some bags around the country at other stores are testing at levels beyond that number.

       One expert we talke with seems to believe the risk comes in when the bags get worn and the paint chips and flakes off.


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