Daycare remains closed following water main break -

Daycare remains closed following water main break

Parents of 145 kids are still without childcare after a water main break sent water gushing into The Cornerstone Center for Early Learning in south St. Louis.

Last Tuesday, a break in the watermain on 39th street flooded the first floor and basement classroom at the daycare center.

The center hoped to reopen by Monday, but the damage was worse than originally thought. The center's director, Jerry Ehrlich, says he hopes the daycare can welcome families back by mid-week.

This is the second time the center has had to shut its doors in less than four months.

July 20th, another spot in the same water main broke and flooded the daycare center. Ehrlich said that the damage totaled around $70,000. Insurance and donations paid most of the bill for the non-profit center, which provides low-cost daycare to working families. The city, at the time, said it would not help pay for damages.

This time, the city offered a similar response.

"Many of the City's water mains are old, but still functional. The cost of replacing all of them would be prohibitive to all water customers," said Kara Bowlin, press secretary to the mayor last week.

Today, Bowlin said the city is working with the daycare to waive some fees and expediate inspections.

The water division patched the most recent break. The city blames drought conditions for causing soil to shift and putting pressure on old pipes.

Ehrlich said that many toys and books were damaged in the second round of flooding. He is asking for donations. They can be made at 3901 Russell Blvd. in St. Louis.

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