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Faulty engines to be replaced on super-jumbo jets

   LONDON (AP) -- An aviation regulator tells The Associated Press that Rolls-Royce will temporarily replace entire engines suffering from oil leaks on the world's largest jetliner.
   The official says the British engine-maker will take off faulty engines and replace them with new ones. It will then fix the leaking part and swap the engine back again.
   The official, who has been briefed by Rolls-Royce and some of the affected airlines, spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. Rolls-Royce declined to comment.
   Leaking oil caught fire on Nov. 4 in one of a Qantas A380's four engines, sending chunks of metal into vital systems in the wing before it landed safely. Qantas has said checks revealed leaks in at least three other engines.
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